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manuel said:
I understand what you're saying, but you make it sound like it's bad to make a profit off a product.
Maybe they can make it for 120$, but that's only the parts, right? There's still the cost of labor, storage, transportation and probably a lot more. And developing a new machine, even if it isn't really revolutionary, still costs a pretty penny and those development costs have to come from somewhere.

I agree that it's now Sony's duty to show some good stuff, because competition is the best way to get cool new stuff. (I'm very very sure that Vita will get a lot of ports, too though...)

If Vita's first 3-4 months+ on the market is full of ports and remakes then expect me to complain about it as well. We have yet to really even see what 3rd parties are doing and on Sony's end they have shown quite a few new IPs and various other titles. I believe the only real ports are ModNation Racers and LBP and LBP seems to gain a lot of new gameplay possibilities due to the abundance of control options granted by the PSV design.

Vita price point doesn't bother me much though because I know it isn't being sold at a huge profit. I believe they are selling it to you at a loss to them, plus in terms of gameplay possibilities I believe it trumps the 3DS.

Still though, I want to see some RPGs. Lack of those on both handhelds is really bugging the shit out of me.

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