Icyedge said:
chocoloco said:

No because I am taking a break from it because I had so many people trying to turn me into a drug dealer and I wanted nothing to do with that so I stopped. Not to mention other things I dare not mention here.

People were trying to turn you into a drug dealer?!?

Since I have medical Marijauna, I was growing it and had a lot and I was getting it for free every month from my caregiver. As a medical user you can have a caregiver grow it for you. I made a deal with a friend that if I made him my caregiver he could grow some of my weed. He would harvest a lot and sell most of it to dispenceries (all legal by the way) and then give me three free ounces every month. This was way more than I needed and as my annoying friends spread the word I started getting a lot of people calling me to get them weed. I am not in favor of a blackmarket at all so after awhile i decided to quit and to only buy enough for myself.