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I was going to reply to your sly smartass comment towards "This is your brain on pot folks" but there is no need. This shows me it's utterly worthless to respond to you, considering your intellect and intelligence level.

Once again folks, this is your brain on pot!

Tony: leave the thread if all you're hear to do is make fun of people for smoking pot and make sly digs at people.  veiled insults are intults regardless.

Horror: same to you, guy.  Keep it up and I'll just ban you both to make my life easier.

OT: I used to, but due to recent medical considerations my doctor says I can't smoke anything anymore.  Sad, I was looking forward to buying a hookah when I moved apartments.

Maybe a vaporizer would work, its smoking without smoke.

Also remember it is easy to make cannabutter. Than you can put it in any food.

True, but the effects from eating last to long for me. Do you often cook with MJ?

No because I am taking a break from it because I had so many people trying to turn me into a drug dealer and I wanted nothing to do with that so I stopped. Not to mention other things I dare not mention here.