Torillian said:
Tony_Stark said:
Horrorfest said:

I was going to reply to your sly smartass comment towards "This is your brain on pot folks" but there is no need. This shows me it's utterly worthless to respond to you, considering your intellect and intelligence level.

Once again folks, this is your brain on pot!

Tony: leave the thread if all you're hear to do is make fun of people for smoking pot and make sly digs at people.  veiled insults are intults regardless.

Horrerfest is the one that needs to be banned here. He has been insulting and belittling anybody who dares to disagree with him, funny thing is, I don't, I disagree with his methods, but not his stance. Anyway, read the rest of my posts, clearly I am not in this thread to make fun of people, but when I am poked with a sharp stick, and nobody does anything about it, I will polk back.

"with great power, comes great responsibility."