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I already have it since tuesday night! :D Some store broke the selling date and it was exactly that one where i went to to sell some games that night. Even got the golden box that was only for those who reserved it! Lucky me! :D

About the game: i was actually afraid of buying it because it was one of those games that i played, loved it, but i couldn`t push myself to play it again. Even attempted to do it when Wind Waker had it as a bonus, but...

Still, when i started the game the other day, all that vanished and it feels awesome to play it again! The work Nintendo had with the visuals really made an impact for me. It`s still the same game, but looks fresh enough for today`s standards. About the implementation of 3D, i got to say that from all the 3D titles i played (pilotwings, SF IV, Ridge Racer) this one is the one that best makes use of it. It`s subtle and does bring something to the game.

I am glad i bought it... again!