We should know first how many games you must sell to make profit . The only word we have is the 500K from Namco Bandai but that number seems totally absurd .First because it was refering to a game (RR7 )that is a conversion in 1080p from RR6 in the X360 (alredy made game ) and second because that would imply 85% of the games on the market are flops as few arrive to the half a million number .I dont think that Koei ,that churned out Gundam Mussou in less than 2 months and a half ,really needed to sell 500K copies to make a profit on a generaly low profile (technologically speaking ) game .They would like to have sold 500K but dont thint they have efectively lost money selling 300K only in Japan.That 500K number may be allright speaking of superproductions as MGSIV ,Gears of War or Killzone 2 but lets see ....60 dollars and 500 000 games sold are 30 million dollars in revenue ...of course the stores and the royalties are to be paid but ....not all games need 30 million dollar in revenue . Wii games may be less expensive to produce ,but they are also cheaper in the stores .