Shane said:
Ubisoft has sold Red Steel (which they seriously overspent on) and Rayman. But they have not seen numbers for Prince of Persia, TMNT, or Blazing Angels. I wouldn't feel comfortable putting any of those companies in anything more than the maybe category. There's no comparison to something like Insomniac, where we know they've made money off the system. I would agree that the rest of Sony's definitely seeing a boost. Blu-ray is beating HD-DVD largely as a result of PS3. I personally have been considering an HDTV lately as well, even though I don't plan on buying PS3 until it drops to $400.

Blu-Ray movies are outselling HD because they have been on sale for around $20 consistently for more than 4 months now. Given that 360s outnumber PS3s, if HD movies drop to the same price this would no longer be true. $30-$35 for a HD movie is too much and I know a lot of frustrated 360 owners who want to buy HD movies but will not shell out that much for a single movie. What I cant understand is why HD is letting BR trample over them at such a critical time. They cost less to produce but I guess some greedy bastard somewhere doesnt care about the future of their format (not that I care either).