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M.U.G.E.N said:

I HIGHLY recommend that you guys check out the trailers for SmartAs and Reality Fighters

you might be surprised, I know I was. Especially RF, AR use in that game is off the hook and also it seems to be a pretty good fighter with depth.

update: Added two new videos. Official trailer for 'Sound Shapes' and a features trailer for Vita


Sound Shapes trailer made a believer out of me tbh now it's one of my must buy games. it doesn't get more brilliant than this

I actually do have my eye on SmartAs..(love the name for this lol). Reality Fighter, not so much. The tech for RF is very nice but it will ultimately feel very gimmicky. I would prefer a more Invizamals style AR game but even that is sort of off to me. Sound Shapes looks awesome. It kind of reminds me of Patapon, the wierd mix of Music with deeper gameplay.

I would rly like to see some RPGs tho like someone else said. Maybe a Pokemon esque collecting one (Ni No Kuni maybe?) I love me some pokemon which is the one thing I truly love from Nintendo. If Sony could find a way to capitalize on the Japanese collector crazy scene, I am behind it 100%.




Greatness Awaits

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