Wii has all the third-party licensed crap like Open Season dragging down its 3rd-party sales averages, too. The numbers can be spun any which way. The only way to tell who's doing better is by who's getting the most new games announced -- that's the real measure of who the devs/pubs think is best for their games. Right now we're seeing a lot of Wii exclusives, Wii multiplats with PS2, PSP, and/or DS, and 360/PS3 or 360/PS3/PC multiplats. Not too many new PS3 3rd-party (not Sony published) exclusives announced these days. But they'll still get plenty of games, especially with Sony's first-party and published library stacking up. It's not like the N64 or GC or Xbox didn't have a lot of good games to play despite a crappy userbase.