PS3 has sold 1,185,030 pieces of Software in japan and 2,903,735 pieces of Software in the USA. (USA Numbers are 2007 only). that is just north of 4 million titles.

If the developers were truthful with "we need to sell 500,000 to turn a profit" then a maximum of 8 PS3 games, can have been profitable, we know this is not true, as currently PS Sellers are


Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII Ubisoft 102,557
NBA 2K7 Take 2 147,118
Enchanted Arms Ubisoft 25,765
NBA 07 Sony 157,501
Formula One: Championship Edition Sony 53,189
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 EA 141,082
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Activision 189,295
College Hoops 2K7 Take 2 29,950
Call of Duty 3 Activision 239,104
Need for Speed: Carbon EA 214,342
Def Jam Icon EA 76,065
Armored Core 4 Sega 36,507
Virtua Tennis 3 Sega 35,287
Madden NFL 07 EA 383,443
Sonic the Hedgehog Sega 103,304
The Godfather: Dons Edition EA 49,705
Virtua Fighter 5 Sega 124,829
Fight Night Round 3 EA 215,223
Major League Baseball 2K7 Take 2 115,977
Tom Clancy Splinter Cell: Double Agent Ubisoft 59,380
Motorstorm Sony 270,760
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Take 2 133,189
Resistance: Fall of Man Sony 685,659
F.E.A.R. Vivendi 67,531
Spiderman: The Movie 3 Activision 128,379


Mist of Chaos Idea Factory 9,466
Mobile Suit Gundam: Target In Sight Bandai 134,583
Ridge Racer 7 Namco 134,568
Resistance: Fall of Man Sony 121,189
Winning Post 7: Maximum 2007 Koei 15,193
Madden NFL 07 EA 4,114
Gundam Musou Koei 271,277
Pro Baseball Spirits 4 Konami 56,963
Power Smash 3 Sega 22,202

Of this list ONE game is a 500K seller, although many of the US games, are Shovelware Ports of 360 titles, and certainly dont need to sell 500k to turn a profit.

I have highlighted in Blue games that VERY LIKELY have turned a profit at this point, and Red at ones who VERY LIKELY Havent.

Black ones are Multiplat ports, and we will never know what their PS3 Dev costs are, in relation to profits, and it doesnt matter, these games are designed to be sold on everything, not any one console.


If anyone disputes any coloring, Tell me, and ill update it, as this is quick and dirty


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