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yo_john117 said:
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Rainbird said:
yo_john117 said:

Haha I meant do you usually like what the majority of people like in video games....cause I think thats the key most gamers on this site like niche games so of course they won't be pleased with what happened here but if your a mainstream gamer (aka like Halo, Fable, Dance game, COD, and other big awesome titles) then this show wouldn't disspoint.

I like lots of different games really, niche and mainstream. The Mass Effects, Fables, Uncharteds, Batmans and many others are awesome, but so is Flower, Valkyria Chronicles, Mirror's Edge, Heavy Rain and so on.

Ah so your like me and is ok with virtually every type of game as long as it has quality?

Absolutely. If a game is good quality, there's a good chance I'll like it. Not all supposed quality games are to my tastes, but generally, I don't care what kind of game it is, quality is quality.

Exactly, I wish more people would see it this way.

I see it that way, but the bigger issue with their conference is that most of the game did not look good at all. Outside of Dance Central 2 and the Disneyland game,  I can't see any of the Kinect games shown to be worth spending any time on.

Really? I thought the majority of the games looked great...and even if not for me I could see the appeal for different age groups.

You can still be aiming for a target market and have a bad product. Disneyland will do extremely well. Kinect Sports was awful. You could technical gameplay problems in the miniscule time they had it on stage. Combine bad gameplay with the horrendous presentation they gave and you have the overall feeling of Microsoft's presser. Less bad child actors (FIST BUMP) and I would rather have seen a wider variety of titles. It was all Kinect games and the three or four blockbuster titles we have in the next year.

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