Shane said:
Past, present, future, whatever. No difference. Nobody's had much luck on Nintendo platforms since the SNES days, and even then, many of them were chomping at the bit to see what they could do with a less restrictive Sega.

 Might depend upon that N64 was very hard and expensive to devlop on, and had a relative small userbase. GameCube was a joke when it came to userbase. I should know I was one of the few one. The statement is also clearly wrong because DS is good for 3rd parties whatever you say.

It is also wrong because Trauma Center (Wii) is one of the best selling Atlus games in USA. It might not sound much but they have never been that big publisher. The same thing can be said about Majesco which have made a lot of money on cooking mama (both on DS and Wii). It is not only about how many copies you sell it is about profit.

Shane said:
No, not per system. Per title. The average PS3 third party game in Japan is selling more copies (64k) than the average Wii third party game (42k) (when factoring in the Wii games listed here, that figure drops to 34k). Per system, the numbers get a lot bleaker.

True and still 3rd party software sales sucks on PS3 in Japan. The truth here is that neither PS3 nor Wii is pretty good for the moment in Japan. The difference is that on Wii you have a chance to sell to a userbase that is larger than one million.

EDIT: Not only that PS3 tie ratio totally is really really bad, 1.30 compared to Wii:s 2.36. Of course the majorite of the games sold is Nintendo games there but at least Wii owners is buying games.

End of EDIT.

By the way when should you answer my claims about the sales in USA? Because they are damn much better for Wii than PS3 that is for sure.

Shane said:
If people are stupid enough to not realize Wii Play is made by Nintendo, they shouldn't be allowed to play video games unsupervised.

You must be f***ing kidding me. When I bought Baten Kaitos I had no idea who made it, am I retarded for that?


EDIT number 2:

How good is DS for 3rd parties? Well looking at the last week (ending 13 May) we find 19 3rd pary titles in the top 50. So please don't tell me that DS is bad for 3rd parties.

Wii had only 1 3rd party title in top 50.

PSP and PS2 had 4 each.

PS3 had none, zero, nada. The first game at all was on spot 74!! That is how good PS3 sells software in Japan.

End EDIT 2.



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