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Good enough. These are words I refuse to use in defending a game. The 3DS is capable of more as shown in other games from Capcom, Tecmo, and even Nintendo. Konami is seemingly pulling a bait and switch here while putting all their effort into their HD collection (includes the same damn game). Now if the final product is better then by all means people should buy it if they want. They should not however "settle" for just anything Konami puts out. We are not dogs they can simply throw a bone to!!! At the least the 3DS is GameCube level of tech but it's more advance in several ways. The GC > PS2. At the least the games should look identical if there are no improvements and it's a straight port. There is no way in hell should one accept the game looking worse then the PS2 version. If cart size is a problem then there is no way Konami could not ask Nintendo for a larger one considering who they are and what game they want to put on the system. This is all on Konami and the end result shouldn't be supported.