I wasn't comparing RE4 GCN to RE4 PS2. I was comparing RE4 to anything that came before it. Capcom took their biggest franchise and flushed it down the toilet by making it for the wrong platform. By the time they realized this mistake, it was too late, but they rectified it as best they could. Past, present, future, whatever. No difference. Nobody's had much luck on Nintendo platforms since the SNES days, and even then, many of them were chomping at the bit to see what they could do with a less restrictive Sega. No, not per system. Per title. The average PS3 third party game in Japan is selling more copies (64k) than the average Wii third party game (42k) (when factoring in the Wii games listed here, that figure drops to 34k). Per system, the numbers get a lot bleaker. If people are only buying Wii Play because of the controller, Nintendo's wasting their advertising dollars. This explanation doesn't cut it for me. Are some of the sales coming due to the controller? Yes, no doubt. Are all of them? No, plenty of people have played Wii Sports and liked it enough to pick up Wii Play, on top of the heavy marketing campaign. If people are stupid enough to not realize Wii Play is made by Nintendo, they shouldn't be allowed to play video games unsupervised. We've already been through how third party titles are rushing to make unimportant games with their third string teams, preferably porting PS2/PSP games (strangely enough, much of Nintendo's support is contingent upon the continuing success of two Sony platforms).