Diomedes1976 said:
I dont think Wii is selling so well between hardcore gamers ,its success its like the DS ...its selling well between everybody because it is "new " and "fresh " and the wiimote allows for a distinctive marketing . But ,most of those buyers are casual gamers to the bone ,many in fact will just play Wiisports and wont buy another game for a year .Thats happening with the DS right now ,many consoles are sold ,those people buy Nintendogs ,BT or Mario ...and thats it .Sure ,there are enough hardcore to guarantee some games as FF decent sales ,but most of the success outside those heavy-hitters (that continue to be the same after one year and a half ) is kiddie stuff as Dogz ,Catz ,Hannah Montana and Pokemon .That and Mario ,of course ,be it Mario Party ,Paper Mario ,Mario Soccer ,Mario in the Shower or whatever .Kids happen to love Mario ,it seems ,and so does some veteran gamers .In any case ,its nearly all Nintendo software . What I am saying is that Nintendo is replicating exactly the same pattern with the Wii ,and if that happens expect great results for Nintendo ,for Square (although less that last generation ) and for THQ and its movie cash-in.The others will have a hard time .Casual gamers the like of wich are buying the Wii just wont but 7-10 games a year as in the other plattforms ,and the kind of games they are interested is far more restricted and once all start doing the same stuff the competition will be enourmous and only one or two will manage to make benefits aside from Nintendo . And about Nintendo and third party games ...well Nintendo has interest in the third parties supporting them ,of course ,but Nintendo makes money primarily on its hardware and games .Yes ,each Wii game gives them some dollars in revenue through royalties ,but a first party game gives them much more dollars .AS for some developers I know it appears Nintendo doesnt play fair with third parties ,apparently they dont give in developing kits the same quality they keep for themselves so the third party efforts are nearly always half-baked compared to a Nintendo superproduction . As some analyst said ,Nintendo success is reshaping the market to its favour and desires ,but that is beneficial only for Nintendo ,and the losers here (aside from Sony and Microsoft ) are the third parties .

So much Nintendo hate in that post....

And on another note, please stop making points out of nowhere. The attach rate for DS is higher than that for PSP as many just have stated. You're often doing this it seems to me, you think it has to be like that and then look at it as a fact.


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