1. Every company in some fashion starts the work of the next console once the current one is in the market.

2. R&D is being ramped up as they have decided that they need to finalize it asap as they know Nintendo has a new system in 2012 and they are confident MS won't be far behind.

3. This does not actually conflict Kaz's remarks as he was referring to a short time frame vs long time frame. "a near-future PS4..." key words being "near-future". This does not mean that there isn't one being planned and finalzied for 2012 or 2013.

4. The "10 year plan" has nothing to do with a PS4 launching after 6 or 8 years. It just means the PS3 will be offered for at least 10 years. This is no different than any other company and more specifically PS1 and PS2 and PS3 lives and launches.

All this report does is state what anyone should already know as well as further prove my predictions that by 2013 all three will have new consoles out. Actually I said at least one by 2012 (Nintendo's fills this) but maybe two by then (I still think MS may show something this E3. MS and Sony will definitely show something by E32012.