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Ill admit I am a N-Boy, but I try to stick to facts when I speak. My problem is when someone goes and makes a thread about Lair or Heavenly sword and says that they are the best games ever based on 2 minutes of gameplay footage that really only showed off the graphics, and that they are gonna outsell Halo and put it to shame... If someone wants to show me a thread where a Nintendo fanboy made some irrational argument about their game then show me. But I think that it's more that the Sony fanboys are making irrational arguments which even the administrators of the site recognize as bad. If you wanna say, "Lair looks like it has a lot of potential, it looks like they have the graphics nailed down. The few problems that have been noted so far look like they shouldn't be too hard to fix. Should they fix them this could be one of the strongest games in the Sony line-up." If a Sony person were to post something like that, instead of "It's official Lair is gonna PWN everything on the other consoles. When this comes out all you Wii boys are gonna wish you had PS3's. This is gonna make Halo look like shit." See the difference. If I was to talk about a Wii game like that I would get just the same treatment as you do.