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Legend11 said:
Andrew said:
I have an idea, An option to show which console you support, Can only be changed every 1st of a month, each console has their personal forum that can only be visited by a supporter. And this stupid failure rate thing is just stupid, Mine hasn't broken cause I keep it well ventialed, so far away from a wall or heat source, and I doubt it will ever break. So guys lay off it. And Blue-Ray is pretty cool

I think this idea is brilliant and is exactly what these forums need. That way people can talk in peace about their console of choice without the haters coming in and ruining things. In fact I'd go one step more and make the mods have to put their console of choice and they would be excluded from the other two forums like everyone else and it would help get rid of claims and feelings of bias.

Website Forum

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Nintendo Forum

Sony Forum

Microsoft Forum

Off Topic Forum

 Really bad idea. Segregating everbody would remove the entire appeal of the site to me. I only enjoy this place because of all the discussion that goes on, if everyone was segregated it would end up being.

P1: 'Console name is the best'

P2: Yeah it kicks everyone elses butt

Without anybody to make an arguement back. You need two sides to have a debate.