I don't think Nintendo wants to save Wii. Nintendo just wants to extend Wii's lifespan till Cafe launches next year. Look what is happening with DS and 3DS the DS is canabolizing sales that could have gone to 3DS. Nintendo typically allows their prior platform to die before or at the time of releasing new hardware.

Nintendo just wants to sell existing stock. I wouldn't be suprised if Nintendo actually ceased manufacturing next year and allowed Cafe to kill Wii off. I wonder is Wii doing worse then PS2 was at this point in its life (Too lazy to check).

In the end Nintendo isn't stupid, look at the last year of the GameCube. Nintendo fans got DK:JB and what else? LOZ:TP was the last hurrah, I wouldn't be suprised if Nintendo announces 2-3 more games to carry the system till fall 2012 and then its all over for Wii, Cafe will come and the generation will be at its end.

Also I don't think their is anything Nintendo could do that they aren't doing right now. Launch yet another Mario game (NSMBW2) I suspect Nintendo will want to launch a Mario title on Cafe they don't want to saturate the market with Mario titles. Launch a new StarFox, Pikmin etc...etc... its possible but Nintendo may be saving these IP for Cafe as well. Cut the Wii's price (Nintendo is already doing that) Advertise the MarioKart bundle , yah I guess Nintendo could do that but why bother its not going to shift many more units Wii has reached saturation levels!

In the end I just want Nintendo to support Wii up until Cafe comes, then I guess Nintendo should just let it die.


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