I think most of that is likely to happen.  Kirby Star (whatever it's called) would be the most likely partner for Zelda:SS for the holidays although Wii Relax could be one as well. 

I'm not holding my breathe on the Japanese games.  I think NoE is much more likely to bring them over (as seen with Another Code R, Disaster and Xenoblade already) than NoA which has always seemed to be more focused on casual than more niche core games.  And these days JRPGs are becoming more niche, especially for a system that hasn't really had any to begin with.   However, I would be greatly pleased to be dead wrong on this one.

I know it seems likely NoA will release Xenoblade, but then again, they had planned to release Disaster but never did so I'm not counting it until I see it.   They might wait for European sales to decide.

Nintendo has pretty much always surprised us as of late at E3's with unexpected games so some more NSMB or DCKR type surprise would be most welcome and I'm looking forward to (hopefully) seeing Wii go out with a bang.