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reverie said:
I was trying to show that Nintendo shipments have so far been flat this year. My whole Nintendo jab was aimed at production, not sales. They should have shipped more at least since March. They are losing sales because the shelves are not full. You certainly can't say that about Sony or MS.

I see them increasing gradually from March 31, 2007 end of their fiscal year. But looks like everybody's slow on that chart and I see that big channel stuff by Microsoft at the end of 2006. And as much as Nintendo could produce more they're still outproducing everybody else by a longshot. It's only their money they're missing out on, the competition can't seem to take advantage of their sluggishness in production so it's sort of moot.

Yes you certainly CAN'T say that about Sony or MS 'cause their stuff ain't moving. They couldn't "SELL" (sell-in) anymore if they wanted to due to backlog of stock on the shelves. And as long as the furor continues Nintendo can get away with this.

In fact I'd say the other companies are lucky Nintendo's slacking on the production. They'd be taking away more of the marketshare from the other guys making things that much worse. They have an opportunity here to make something happen while Nintendo struggles to get the stuff out. Let's see if they turn that opportunity into fruition.

John Lucas

Words from the Official VGChartz Idiot