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larry said:
rocketpig said:
Yes, Lair has been massively overhyped by Sony apologists clamoring for a hit game. It's not the type of game that will attract people in large numbers to a console. To compare it to the 360 lineup, I would put it somewhere at the Bioshock level of interest. It has a niche following and may be a great game, but there isn't a lot of mass consumer interest in it. For the PS3/360, I'd put system sellers in this order:

1. GTA IV (will move units for both systems)
2. Halo 3
3. Blue Dragon
4. Heavenly Sword (somehow not even on that list)
5. Mass Effect
6. Uncharted
7. Bioshock/Lair

I intentionally left off Lost Odyssey because I'm still not certain that it will even release this year, despite promises from Mistwalker.

hey dont bring x360 games in the scene.

this is new gen.

no time for cartoon halo 3 and Bd(massive flop in japan).

mass effect???????????????//


lol is that even a game?

after SGD 360 is simply blown away by HS/UNCHARTED and LAIR

... lol

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