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Have people seen these comments from the Penny Arcade crew? I usually find them very reliable in their game evaluation... 

"I have no time for Lair, I'm afraid. My limited playtime with the game has only encouraged me to further limit said playtime, throttling this value until it reaches zero. As one of the long-known exclusives, a kind of cult has formed around the game - one whose creed hinges on the glorious arrival of their reptile saint. It is a weird hunger, one quite outside reality, and it would be best to manage those expectations before their piss-smelling vagrant messiah stumbles into the retail channel.

If anyone is still wondering what happened to E3, if there is still some dogged constable seeking them what dunnit, you need look no further than Sony's recent Gamer's Day coverage. The channel is open wide - the channel is actually gaping - when high density, high impact Sony press entirely floods the channel. No wrestling with competitors, no wry comparisons, no public opinion metagame to "win." As of this writing, the first eight pages of Gametrailers are jammed almost exclusively with Sony content. And what did the event cost - a tenth? A twentieth?

Luckily for the Playstation stalwart, they no longer need Lair. You should return to said Eight Pages of Gametrailers if you want to see clips which can actually indicate the quality of a next-generation title. RPG action adventures where you yank out souls with the Sixaxis? Warhawk and a new Socom, digitally delivered? Eye of Judgement? Heavenly Sword, LittleBigPlanet? Home, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank? No Microsoft expenditure could secure them, for the mark of Sony burns upon their brow. This is their Holiday Lineup, but I believe that we may rightly call it a phalanx."


So in other words, there are plenty of excellent titles coming out for the PS3 - and Lair is not one of them. I think they have had a lot more time with the game (hands-on) than any of us.



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