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windbane said:
albionus said:
I think there are quite a few other games that could be added to the overhyped on video game forums list. I have to say God of War is the overhyped game that bugs me the most. Reading reviews of it and listening to Sony fanboys it's God's gift to gamers, one of the greatest series of all time, etc etc etc, and yet GoW1&2&3&PSP combined will likely fall in the range of Halo alone in sales. Sales-wise (I don't care about how great the game is or isn't since that's different for everyone) I think Lair, Heavenly Sword, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Bioshock and the rest will also fail to light up the charts. They'll do alright, but they'll be more Lost Planet/Crackdown (if that) and less Gears of War/Halo.

Oh, I see, so the quality of the game is judged by sales alone. Gotcha.

Have you even played God of War? (Don't worry, I expect you to say you don't like it, even if you did play it, but I decided to ask the trap question anyway).

EDIT: And which Halo alone do you mean? GoW1 sold 2.5 million alone, and GoW2 is just now out in Europe. 6.43, 7.89 are the sales for Halo 1 and 2. Seems to me that the third GoW game will surpass 6.43 and the 4th will pass up 7.89. I'm just glad that sales alone determine the quality of a game, though, because that means Halo sucks compared to Pokemon.

EDIT2:  And just to stay on topic...Lair isn't overhyped because some people are excited about it.  Most of the people that are excited about Lair are probably more excited by one of those games listed.  Choosing between a lot of games you like doesn't mean that a low percentage for one game is bad.  You know what is overhyped by VGChartz members?  A lot of things. 

Ouch, hit a fanboy nerve there .  Yes I believe I was pretty clear that I don't judge whether a game is great based on what reviewers or some people think because that's different for everyone.  Sales is generally a much better indicator if the hype was well placed (it's a little more complicated but that'll suffice for here). Psyconauts comes to mind as a game that a had a fair amount of hype and great reviews but failed to sell well (even though I played it and think it's great). 

GoW1 sold all of 2.5 million, what Animal Crossing did on the GCN.  GoW2 is already falling off the charts at 1 million in the US so it'll maybe hit GoW1 levels.  GoW:3&PSP will have a hard time doing more than 1.5 million due to much smaller and fragmented user bases.  That would put the franchise in the range of 6.5-8.5 million or in range of a single Halo game.  I wouldn't play GoW myself, button mashing gore fests aren't my cup of tea.  That doesn't mean I'm disputing whether some people think it's great, just that the sales don't live up the hype that surrounds it.
As for the point of this thread I don't think those games will live up the sales figures of their hype, just too many games and not enough users for the systems they will be on.  Some will also undoutedly fail to live up to the hype in all regards, if the early reviews are any indication Lair is the prime candidate for that.  One or two could break out into the Gears of War level though.
Sorry about the botched paragraph format, can't seem to get them to seperate correctly.