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TeddostheFireKing said:
Raze said:

I never really do get the whole "Wii is doomed" thing. I really don't see it. Every holiday season, the Wii sells dramamtically more than the HD systems do to the point it pretty much makes up for all the slagging sales through the year.

The question should be - Does Nintendo need to do anything in order to save the Wii? Does the Wii need saving?

Granted, I'm a PC gamer mostly, so ultimately, Im detatched from the console "wars" going on. But from the outside in, it all seems to break even by the end of the year. Since the launch, the Wii never broke the 50% marketshare barrier. 5 years later, it's only lost around 4% marketshare. In a hypothetical situation, with no new systems released, the Wii could retain over 40% marketshare 5 years from now.

So, I don't get what all the "doom" is about. Is it just wishful thinking by the HD crowd? It can't be based on facts, because the numbers don't line up.

I think the only thing Nintendo needs to do is try to win back some of the "core" audience with games for them, so they finish off this generation with a good start into next generation. Lord knows they have enough money to operate at a loss for the next 20 years if they so decided to build a mega system. Of course, this is Nintendo, that's not what they do.

I agree with you that the Wii doesn't need saving hardware sales wise, and software for casual gamers is great, but for hardcore gamers, the Wii doesn't get enough support from 3rd parties and Nintendo don't spread their releases out enough to help that, so realtively the Wii's hardcore audience need games and they (in IGN's view) need saving

also the Wii did break 50% marketshare before, it was between 2007-08, HD took it back and it is where it is now, slowly receding 

Ah didnt know that, I stand corrected. =)

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