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Play4Fun said:
Albion said:
oniyide said:

@albion i agree with the "novelty" part to a certain extent. the whole motion thing was hijacked and (IMO) done better by the comp. (maybe not Kinect) but im still holding out hope for a Mario Tennis/Golf. If i get that and they dont suck ill never say anything negative about Wii

Motion controls novelty is so dead to me, I dont even want to buy the move and the Xbox thing-a-mabob.

Strew Motion BS. It died cause of to many shovel ware


Nintendo needs to drop that Dog. and Totaly go For Graphics and 3D GoGoGo~~!!!


Psshhh...Motion Controls are going to be awesome next gen.

If Nintendo drops motion controls and goes back to classic controllers (no way!), I will quit gaming.

I'm so tired of DA and want a change in how we play games. Motion controls is that change.

So keep it going Nintendo! Bring motion controls to their full potential!

Im not saying Drop Motion. Im saying turn the attention to something new.

Keep motion in everything going forward yes. But dont bother making it your selling point.

3DS has cool motion detection. Its just not its main selling point.