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So I've played it for around 5 hours now (360 version)... and I'm really impressed! The lighting is definitely the most amazing part of Crysis 2's graphics, haven't seen much that even comes close to it and for me it's the best lighting I've seen in a console game. The explosions are and effects are jaw dropping as well, Crytek did a really good job here.

But it isn't perfect of course. It's framerate seems drop a little from time to time (not significant) and there are also some low-res shadows, but these things are not a big deal. The texture pop-in is its' biggest issue and sadly it seems to get worse later in the game. At the beginning I almost didn't recognize it, but in the last 30 minutes I played it was really obvious.

Anyway, Crytek has surprised me, they really created an amazing looking game on consoles.

I notice object pop in but not much texture pop in at all. I'm probably about as far as you in the campaign. Thanksfully the pop in usually happens in the distance so you don't notice it too much. I will say I've encountered a couple glitches though but I guess no game is perfect. I'm sure a patch or two will be released and make it run even smoother but overall super impressed. I still think it has the best graphics for any console game despite its flaws and I don't know how they fit all of this on one DVD.

dude to be fair... you must have fully played killzone 3, uncharted 2, and god of war 3.....or even Alan Wake... NOW DONT GET ME WRONG.. It looks Great! Its sitting on my HDTV right now....

But really... I'm looking at the same thing as you and I'm certainly not thinking "best console game ever" by any stretch...

I have Killzone 3, Uncharted 2, God of War 3 but have not played Alan Wake. Crysis 2 looks better than all 3 of those with Killzone 3 being very close. God of War has some terrible character models in Hera and the other females and Hephaestus (sp?) has terrible textures on him therefore taking God of War 3 out of the running. Uncharted 2 has average fire, particle effects, water effects but great textures. I did a comparison with 3 of my friends at his house between Crysis 2 and Uncharted 2 and we all agreed Crysis 2 looks better. Killzone 3 as I said is very close and it could go either way but I prefer Crysis 2's realistic look and I think its harder to get something to look realistic than it is to make a fantasy world.

Alright fair enough then...Since youve made an indepth comparison...your points are valid...

Maybe ive gotta play it some more.  Its just rare to see a graphic king come out of a multiplatform game tho...

Well I don't know where you are at in the campaign but there are places where it looks better than others. I'm basing on an overall package of what I've played so far and I'm only a little over halfway through. There are spots where its not as impressive but there are spots where its absolutely jaw dropping. Once again if you were to say Killzone 3 looks better I can't really argue but if someone says Crysis 2 is better I can't argue either. I guess I'll say its a tie between Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 for best console graphics.

I will say one thing though. Killzone 3 probably looks better graphically as far as the multiplayer goes because there are a couple maps that look much inferior to others. Some of the MP maps look amazing (Sanctuary, Lighthouse, and a few others), but there are a couple that don't (Skyline, Pier 17 and a couple others.)

Another thing that I thought is that Killzone 3 and Killzone in general has always had amazing looking gun models but Crysis 2 somehow has surpassed them IMO. When you get farther and get some of the crazy guns you will see what I'm talking about.

Crytek is not just some company that makes a multiplat, they are Crytek. Crysis the game of which all games are compared to is made by them. Shouldn't be shocking that they amaze once again.