Nikkeibp interviewed Level-5 company president Akihiro Hino and asked his opinion for the newest toy from Nintendoand Sony 3DS and NGP, and he seems like currenly more fond of 3DS over Sony's NGP by saying:

"3DS has popular tech elements which will makes people think "Wow, cool" and showing off to their friends"

When ask about NGP he seems not fond of it and said:

"I'm looking forward to NGP's communication system, i had suggested some ideas for NGP before the spec was finalized, but it seems that SCE didn't implement any of my suggest at all. Currently it seems like too early to give an opinion"

"While the OLED of NGP is amazing, but still i can't suggest would it be sold just by this feature alone"

Seems like we are going to see a lot of Level 5's new title on 3DS in the future rather than Sony NGP.

(Source: Nikkeibp)

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