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So I've played it for around 5 hours now (360 version)... and I'm really impressed! The lighting is definitely the most amazing part of Crysis 2's graphics, haven't seen much that even comes close to it and for me it's the best lighting I've seen in a console game. The explosions are and effects are jaw dropping as well, Crytek did a really good job here.

But it isn't perfect of course. It's framerate seems drop a little from time to time (not significant) and there are also some low-res shadows, but these things are not a big deal. The texture pop-in is its' biggest issue and sadly it seems to get worse later in the game. At the beginning I almost didn't recognize it, but in the last 30 minutes I played it was really obvious.

Anyway, Crytek has surprised me, they really created an amazing looking game on consoles.

I notice object pop in but not much texture pop in at all. I'm probably about as far as you in the campaign. Thanksfully the pop in usually happens in the distance so you don't notice it too much. I will say I've encountered a couple glitches though but I guess no game is perfect. I'm sure a patch or two will be released and make it run even smoother but overall super impressed. I still think it has the best graphics for any console game despite its flaws and I don't know how they fit all of this on one DVD.

Yeah it happens in the distance, and perhaps it was just one chapter of the campaign, but in that chapter (which was the last one I played so far) the texture pop-in was really heavy and obvious. Well, I continue playing tomorrow and then I'll see if it was just so bad in this part of the game.

Right now it's the best looking FPS for me, slightly beating Killzone 3. I wouldn't really compare them to games like Uncharted 2 or God of War III though because these games are entirely different genres.

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