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This sets the new bar for all future shooters to aim at. Crysis 2 minimum sales of 5 million copies on consoles is now locked.

Huge success for Crytek and Cevat Yerli.


I'm not sure about that, but it does raise the bar nonetheless (especially for 3rd Party devs).

Well I hope it sells 5 million.

If Homefront is able to sell 850K first week Crysis has a good chance at 1.25 mill (which if decent legs becomes 5 mill lifetime). Not only is hype and reviews better for Crysis but EA is also a much stronger publisher than THQ.

Problem here however is that plenty of people say great things about HomeFront's multiplayer.

Most reviews are only fousing on Crysis 2 graphics and I haven't heard much praise for the multi.


If Killzone 2 couldn't sell 5 million for being the top dog in 2009 I doubt Crysis 2 will do on graphics alone in 2011.



Still, it looks fantastic and the graphics whore in me will jizz pants when I finally play it

Yes, yes you will. Get a fresh pair of pants ready. And to ease some of your worries the multiplayer is fun. I am not a fan of Killzone 3's multiplayer but Crysis 2's multiplayer is fast paced action. Sometimes people get annoying camping while cloaked but there are ways around it and if you shoot while cloaked you immediately uncloak and energy goes down to 0. I describe the multiplayer as COD combined with Halo. Its a good mix.

I love Killzone 3 multiplayer.

Not saying that will instantly make me dislike Crysis though because from what I have seen so far it looks to be up my alley. I have not played Halo online but I liked the gameplay in single player in Halo 3 and somewhat enjoyed CoD4 multi. Didn't care for Killzone 2, it was WAYYY to hectic and the aiming sucked balls. I prefer fast paced action like Unreal Tournament more than anything else.

Given when I just stated is it possible to know if C2 multi is right for me?

Yes its very fast paced action. Your nano suit allows you to run fast, jump high, grab high edges and climb up to high places, slide on your back and shoot while running. All of these things use energy along with cloaking and maximum armor (which deflects bullets/similar to stopping power from COD) and your energy meter can run down quickly if you don't pay attention.