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marc said:

The reason being that it isnt a franchise. The average gamer doesnt know about it nor do they know about Lair. Hell I am a gamer that scoures several gaming sites and I never knew about them until yesterday reading the forums here. It really has nothing to do with the "type" of game imho, it has to do with the fact that they are not really advertised through major media during prime times. No radio, major newpaper articles, or prime time tv ad's thus the average joe will never hear of them. However, FF is practically a household name in some countries. If you see a new one, you know what you are getting and that the quality will be at least ok. If joe shmo sees Blue Dragon he will probably think nothing of it because it is an unknown. Now... if the game is really good and gains attention with gamers after its release, that might change things but that kind of thinking in todays world of gaming is unwise... most of the time, regardless of a games budget and hype, you will be dissapointed. Id say we will not know anything until we finally see it.

BD does have that new IP thing going against it. But I expect to see plenty of commercials for it before it launches. I think MS is going to really try to pimp this game since the genre it represents is so important to the console.

Only time will tell if it works or not. Personally, I think the game will sell around 1.5m copies in the US, if not more.

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