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diegomoroco777 said:
Blue Dragon won´t sell that much. It is not a FF type of game, more like a DQ game. FF sells very well in USA and Europe, DQ sells decently I would say 500k tops. Bioshock, 1 million tops. Lair, probably as much as Resistance, or maybe a bit less. A million seller but not a system seller My opinion on Top 10 for 360/PS3 Halo 3 GTA IV ( Maybe 2 systems, but that has an enormous appeal on casulas, but the price points of the consoles isn´t for casuals yet) Assasins Creed ( Sounds revolutionary, and is in both consoles) Mass Effect ( A perfect appeal for 360 owners, 2 million at least) Bioshock/Uncharted/R&C/Heav.Sword/Lair ( probably between 500k and 1 million)

I don't think Blue Dragon will do as well as Final Fantasy however, it will possibly draw in the RPG following as the same man created FF. In addition some of the anime following may be dragged in due to the artists and some of the FF following for 1 it's creator and 2 the same composer.