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Bodhesatva said:

Adult, to me, means "intellectually or emotionally complex." Again, some examples: "Mission Impossible" is not an adult movie. "The Queen" is. 300 is not an adult movie. "Pan's Labrynth" is. I think those examples show the distinction I'm trying to make here.

Agreed. What we commonly know as "Adult themes" are simply things we do not want (or expect) children to be involved in. Sex, drugs, violence, etc.

But these are exactly the themes that interest children (as they grow up, and look forward to becoming an adult) - partially because we don't allow children to participate in them.

Children (say 7-8yrs up) understand violence - at least the concept of it. Kids yrs 12-13 up, start to understand sex, drug concepts (smoking), etc. So they are interested in these taboo topics. At least the surface concept of them.

I define a true adult theme as something NO child (or very, very few) would have any interest in - as the themes are too deep, complex, subtle (etc) to understand until you hit the age of 20yrs+. For instance, take the (complex) topic of abortion rights. Not a topic for children, and no child is going to be interested in debating this.

To me, games that involve these complex topics are "true" adult games - and very few exist, or have ever been made. 


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