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mrstickball said:
Ironic thing is, I haven't found a single adult that you speak of in America that enjoys any of these psuedo "they're really for adult" games. I know a father and his 8 y/o daughter that both play GTA. I think the problem with the whole logic of "GTA is really a teen game" is the fact that teens are into adult things, and M-rated games, pornography, violence, ect. So are some adults. Heck, I used to work at a police station, and half the cops (again adults) owned atleast one copy of a GTA game. Are brain age titles and things of that natured targeted to adults? Absolutely. I think the title should be "Nintendo - leader of non-game adult oriented games that don't include other titles in the same arena such as Solitare"

This is absolutely and diometrically opposed to my own personal experience. I know no adult, be they friend or mere aquaintance, that plays any of the mentioned titles (God of War, GTA, etc). None, at all. I know there are some out there, just as there are kids that watch movies like "The Queen" or "BrokeBack Mountain," which really are titles for adults (I tend to think of "adult" as intellectual complexity, not simply "has sex and violence"), but it's less common, I believe. Again, we're talking trends, not absolutes. So you have your experience, I have mine, and we both have the larger pool of data known as system sales. And frankly, that larger pool of data does not seem to strongly support your claim that adults age 30+ tend to prefer GTA games to things like Wii Sports and Brain Game. Again, Mrstickball, your idea of adult things, by your own words, is something that has: "Pornography, violence, etc." Those aren't adult things, in my opinion, although I absolutely agree that SOME adults enjoy those things (just as some adults enjoy Zelda games, it's just less common). Adult, to me, means "intellectually or emotionally complex." Again, some examples: "Mission Impossible" is not an adult movie. "The Queen" is. 300 is not an adult movie. "Pan's Labrynth" is. I think those examples show the distinction I'm trying to make here. Edit: I want to point out something. I'm not saying that an adult commodity CAN'T have sex and violence. It can, absolutely, and often does. I'm just saying this isn't what defines an adult item -- adult stuff often does and often does not have violence and sex. It's not a defining feature of adult content, and I mean that quite literally. Simple example -- Ice Cream can have a cone. Sometimes it does not. Either way, it's Ice Cream, as Ice Cream is not defined by whether its in a cone. So too, adult content can have sex and violence. It can also not have it. Either way, it's adult, which isn't defined by sexuality and violence.">">