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shams said:
GTA is the perfect example... it is NOT a game targeted at adults. I know several children under the age of 10 who actively play it, and many, many teenagers around the 15yr bracket. It might deal with more mature themes (violence, drugs, sex, killing) - but it is not a game for adults.

I think people will probably find that more REAL adults would be happier to play a game of Mario (described as “kiddy”), than a game of GTA.  The reason I think as mentioned in a number of posts above is that adults really don’t give a sh** if the game is labelled kiddy or not… they enjoy it and that’s it, they have nothing to prove.

Male teens on the other hand seem to feel a constant need to reinforce themes of maturity and masculinity in their activities.  Really, it’s mainly kids that utter the words "I can’t play that… that’s a kid’s game!"