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BenKenobi88 said:
k, I'm a man, aged 19, I have friends 18-25, male and female, that I hang out with regularly. I hate getting grouped in with the crowd that would typically play "mature" games. We all enjoyed God of War, and the Grand Theft Autos, because they are quality games, but we probably had even more fun playing games like Viva Pinata or Wii games. But I suppose there's plenty of frat boys to fill the demographic.

Yeah, I'm not sure you're the norm, Ben. I'm not saying you're an absolute freak, by any means, but I think last generation made it clear: if the majority of the focus is on competing for the 18-25 year old age bracket, the Playstation-type console wins. In fact, thanks to this site, we can even give specific numbers: I'd say around 70-75 percent of the 18-25 bracket prefer God of War / Grand Theft Auto type games to games like Zelda / Mario, based purely on last generation's market share. I just eyeballed that number, but I bet it's pretty close. Similarly, not every adult hates God of War or GTA. I'm sure there are lots of 35 year olds out there playing GTA. I'd say generally, however, that most people in that bracket are probably going to prefer games like Wii Sports and Brain Game. And that really does seem to be true: I think most people seem to agree that a good portion of the Wii's success is the expanding market, especially into adult territories. Some adults already played, I agree. These aren't absolute rules, just trends.">">