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Lingyis said: 
Sony understands the reason behind Nintendo's success, thus a collaboration would only be worthwhile given Nintendo strategy is intact.

Do they understand the reason behind Nintendo's success? The PSP and PS3 represent shifts away from what made Sony successful in the complete opposite direction that Nintendo's shift has been in.

Honestly, since the modern videogame industry was created by Nintendo there has never been a "Console War" that was won by the most powerful system; the Master System was more powerful then the NES, the Neo Geo was more powerful than the SNES, the N64 was more powerful than the Playstation, the XBox was more powerful than the PS2, the Gamegear was more powerful than the Gameboy, the GBA didn't really have competition, and the PSP is more powerful than the Nintendo DS. Sony's belief that processing power matters is what is causing their problems.