Guys, I absolutely agree. Let me emphasize that. One thing I always found extremely amusing is how someone can simultaneously make these two arguments:

1) The Wii is for casual gamers
2) Wii owners only buy Nintendo games

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't casual gamers be the exact market that would pay no attention to which publisher makes what game? I mean, hardcore gamers I might understand; we're the ones with extensive knowledge of all these games, which publishers and even individual developers have historically produced games we appreciate, and react to the market accordingly.

But casual gamers would be the exact market that would have no idea whose game they're buying, just that the cover looks good or that they heard good things about it from friends. The suggestion that there is some secret pact amongst all Wii owners to only buy Nintendo games is absurd.

But again, that isn't the point. It's totally ridiculous, but important people in the industry believe it anyway. And that means the Wii will see less support than it might otherwise. Which is bad for me.">">