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Cipherr said:

 consumers are speaking loud and clear with their wallets. 360 has a stellar line up and with the elite and its library deserves 250k sales per month minimum and its falling short. It has to be the price. PS3? More of the sam

This point can't be emphasized enough.  The 360 has a stellar game lineup and the best online experience available and yet can't manage blowout sales numbers.  If one were forced to purchase only a 360 or a PS3 for a high res graphics console and could ONLY play the games that are currently released (no new games ever), the 360 would clearly be the only choice of the two.  Yet with a $400 price tag it still isn't doing all that well.  What gives?  The only variable left is the price tag.  I don't see the huge 360 software lineup coming this fall making a huge impact though it will increase it some.  Holiday sales and Halo 3 will increase sales overall, but it will drop right back to the current levels.  That begs the question:  Will a $100 price drop even make a difference for the PS3?  I don't think it will make a significant one.  A stronger game library will help over time, but given the difficulty the 360 has moving $400 consoles with LOTS of software, I'm guessing the PS3 has a tough road ahead.  I still believe the PS3 will be successful in the long run, but it's going to take a massive price move.  I'm an avid gamer and make a very comfortable income, but I won't drop that much cash on a hardware console.  Call me cheap, call me whatever you want, but I'm fairly certain that my disdain for spending $500 to get a piece of hardware and a couple of controllers so that I can spend even MORE on software is the norm rather than the exception.  The first of the 360 or PS3 to hit $299 will get my hard-earned cash.  Until then, my cube and ps2 are doing just fine.

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