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Wow ,really bad numbers for the PS3 ....between Canada and USA it has some 90K consoles sold only for the whole month .If Sony wanted to squeeze out everybody wanting a console for 600 dollars it has managed it flawlessy ,there isnt nearly anybody more wanting to spend that kind of cash least while there arent many exclusive games .They should cut the price and do it fast ,and try to get the product faster to the shelves as well .Even with huge losses they should lower the console to 400 .That would be GREAT value for money and a more realistic approach at the market . Great numbers for the DS and the Wii ,I am something afraid this is the future ....I mean ,if you dont like Mario and the no-games and minigames what kind of future awaits for gamers ?. As for the others good numbers for the PSP and poor for the X360 .The latter is in its best shape possible ,with a stellar lineup ,a notorius price advantage over the direct rival and all the FUD campaign of Microsoft paying its dividends ...and the PS3 waiting still for its heavy-hitters .Still it doesnt manage to sell strongly and loses sales month after month ---