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A lot of interesting themes in this thread.

First, I also think JohnLucas is right about his July prediction. The other things are looking rather crazy right now, but he has been very accurate recently and he really is not making things up but analysing, so maybe he is also right about the other things.

About BR/PS3: If the PS3 only helped Sony in the BR race, it would have been a huge failure. Sony could also have sold BR players for 100 $ to have the same effect.

Lastly, about Nintendo/Sony joining forces: I hoped for that during the GC days because it seemed to be the only way out for Nintendo. I still would appreciate it because I think a monopole would be a good thing for us gamers and those to companies joining forces would result in a monopole I guess. But I don't think Nintendo would do that, they would probably rather become a third party developper instead of joining forces with someone else.

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