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Kasz216 said:
DonFerrari said:

This is not about being right or moral.

But if you pirate just accept you do and don't justify. It's useless to expend a wall text to defend it as it's "felony", you can say why you do it, but you can't use it to say it isn't wrong.

I'm pretty sure it's not a felony.. you can't even charge someone with a crime unless it's over $1,000 in an 180 day period.

Basically, a pirate would have to download 17 brand new games within 6 months for it to be considered a crime.  Although actually, even then I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a crime.  Afterall, They aren't losing 60 dollars per sale.  So, say the retail wholesale price of a game is $40.  Now you'd have to donwload 25 PS360 games that were just recently released (since the price of other games have gone down.) for it to be a crime.

Not too likely.

This is the US where copyright infringement is it's strictist.

And you know... that's not even a felony.  That's just for it to register as a crime.

Sorry i may miss used the legal terms (and about downloading 25 games in 6 months it's 1 game a week... i don't think this preposterous)... but what i meant were if you are a pirate then just accept it, don't try to say a reason to why when you do it isn't even wrong, as if your piracy were helping gaming.

I don't have a problem with pirates, just with people that live in a fantasy world that rules bend for them.

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