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dtewi said:

Congratulations guys, I give everyone in this thread 5 scruples.

...I mean, that's what you guys want, right? To be morally correct?

How many of you actually hate piracy?

Are you actually morally enraged when someone pirates a game, or do you actually like to have scruples for once?

I never pirate games, but seeing people acting so high-and-mighty like this always annoys me.

"Hey let's ban everyone who pirates games!"

Are you guys serious?


What came first, your hatred of zexen, or your hatred of piracy?


Its quite annoying all this whitch hunting, and this medieval morality. People need to understand that piracy involves loads of gray areas, heck even the law is not unified between countries (please don't say that some country law system is better than another, just based on the piracy topic)

To a point I agree with Seece, the irony of a mod in a game sales website, that has admited he has pirated. But, I strongly disagree with the all those ridiculous banning reasons. Braggin about pirating is not an offence, unless you are the developer/publisher affected. As far as i know it doesn't break any rule of the site (Please let me know if I'm wrong in this point). It may not be right, but beleive me is as annoyin as all these "Pirates are thiefs" cruzades.