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If you fotocopy a book (or just a few pages of it) without permission or authorization, it's copy right infringement.

If you watch a video on YouTube of a song, wether it's from a game's OST, movie OST, a singer/band's song that has been uploaded on YouTube without the author's consent or authorization, it's copyright infringement.

If you post links or embed the videos containing the stuff mentioned above, it's distribution :P

If you take scans from magazines and upload them to the internet without the author's consent or authorization, it's copy right infringement.

If you post those scans, it's distribution.

If you post videos on YouTube with, for example, a game's OST, without authorization, even if it's just used in the background while you talk or something, it's copyright infringement.


I have done all of the above (well... maybe not the last one). That means I'm a pirate. If you have done at least one of the above, you're a pirate, too... now, why is it so hard to say "I'm a pirate"? why do you people keep making excuses? That won't change reality, you're still pirates even if you don't want to say it.

It's not that bad though, everyone that's spent a week on the internet has done something that makes him a pirate. I'd say everyone on VGChartz has done at least one of the above...


Of course, there are also those who download songs, movies, games or applications illegaly, that's also copyright infringement, and they're also pirates. Just like the rest of us.

There are more examples, but I can't think of them all... I don't know if the dude who says the images and sigs are also piracy, but if he's right then that's also another example of "piracy" to add to the list. That would add another reason why I can be considered a pirate, look at my sig, I got it from another site xD Didn't even modify it.


By the way, is the robber who steals 10 dollars any less of a thief than the one who steals 1000? they're both thieves.


Seriously people, all those excuses are starting to annoy me... maybe I shouldn't enter this thread anymore xD



A banner stolen from some site xD

Release Final Fantasy Versus XIII nowwwwwwwwww!!! lol :P