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Trolly trolls are trolling.



I'll admit I'm a pirate, but I'm not going to say I'm a thief. I pirate games I would never buy, or games that I'd only ever buy used, or games that I had bought and then lost, or I pirate for convenience (i.e. I have 40 DS games, but I put them on an Acekard 2i for the convenience) .


IMO a developer never gets my money if I'd never buy their game, and they'd never get my money if I bought it used (only Gamestop would). I buy old games for the Virtual Console because a company gave me the ability to pay for their old games, but if the VC didn't exist I'd go through other, less legal means in order to play those games, sorta like how I had an entire collection of ROMs that I played on my Dreamcast.


The worst case against me is that I pirate games that I wouldn't buy, because most of those games I'd buy if the price was right, I just don't feel that publishers establish appropriate prices very often.

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