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icefaii said:
Seece said:
icefaii said:
Seece said:

No i don't need to, your justification is pathetic, pirating a game ruins the game industry, using an image does not. They're clearly not the same.

It seems your puny brain cannot comprehend copyright infringement.

Like I said, copyright infringement(unauthorized use of copyright material; since you cannot comprehend) has nothing to do with ruining the game industry or not. You either pirate or you dont. its that simple.

By your definition piracy only counts when it comes to your favourite gaming industry? your ethic is so fucking laughable.

I didn't say it only counts when it comes to the gaming industry, it counts in downloading films, music and games, and I'm sure other cases. using images on the internet however IS different, and doesn't put people out of business. You know this. So you can use all the jargon you like, but it'll never be the same. I can sleep sound at night knowing I'm not stealing from any game developer, can you? Likely not.

Another pirate that thinks the world owes them everything you'll end up in the slammer with that attitude.

A misconception about piracy is, its not piracy when the developers are not losing money.  Copyright infringement is copyright infringement regardless if the developers are losing money or not.  Yes you can argue the level of piracy is different. But a small pirate bashing on a big pirate still doesnt have much ground in ethics and reasonings. 

Dont tell me you say this to your professor, "uhh the author of this article is not losing money, so its not piracy and I dont need to cite or reference him..."

That will probably get you a big fat F on your essay.

I think this fits in well here: