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icefaii said:
Seece said:
icefaii said:

LOL, stop trying to justify your piracy.


piracy are piracy regardless if developers are losing money or not.  ONLY when the developers publicly stated the pictures are distributable and copyable or they lose out on their copyrights to the images then you are able to justify it.  Until then, no, you have no rights to bash on pirates.


And welcome aboard mate.

I don't pirate so I don't need to justify anything, if you want to be cheap and steal things you can. I can't physically buy a youtube video or image on the internet, so it isn't stealing.

Do you pirate? if so are you proud and do you condone it?

Oh but you do.  By displaying your sig and avatar you have condone copyright infringement.

Cant buy image or video off internet so not stealing? fucking think again.


Please go look up the definition of copyright infringement then come back. thx.

No i don't need to, your justification is pathetic, pirating a game ruins the game industry, using an image does not. They're clearly not the same.