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icefaii said:

LOL, stop trying to justify your piracy.


piracy are piracy regardless if developers are losing money or not.  ONLY when the developers publicly stated the pictures are distributable and copyable or they lose out on their copyrights to the images then you are able to justify it.  Until then, no, you have no rights to bash on pirates.


And welcome aboard mate.

I know I'm only feeding a troll here so this will be the last post on this subject (or at least one directed at you):

it would be wrong if we gained anything of value from the image.  If I took a screenshot from Halo: Reach and then tried to sell it to you, that would be wrong and I could get in trouble for that.  If I took a screenshot and made that my avatar, that is fair use.

There's really no arguing that because that's just how it is.  That's like trying to argue against being able to eat ice cream on a Tuesday.