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Dinomax said:


""But but but your sig and avartar are pirated!""

Yes because pirated images are exactly the same as taking a 60 million dollar product, putting it on bittorent and not paying a cent.  When most images here are actually publicy released by the developer for free mass distrubtion.

Yep totally the same argument. 



Doesn't matter if its not the same. Its being half assed in morality of piracy.

Those who pirate avatar and sigs simply has no right to bash on pirates when they are pirating themselves.


Dumping hazardous waste in a river or taking a piss at the bus station differ yes, but both are crimes.  You can't talk shit about company dumping hazardous waste to ruin the environment when you, yourself are dumping chemical from chemistry projects  down your sink and taking pisses on the streets.