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Carl2291 said:
icefaii said:


 btw pay for your sig and avatar please.

Firstly, I don't need to pay for my Avatar at all. It's a screen-cap from the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer that has been put on the Internet by Square Enix. It's not stealing. It's not pirating. It's not "sharing". Square Enix put it there, and they don't want you to pay to see the trailer. I win.

Secondly, I don't need to pay for my Sig neither. It's from Tekzilla, which I can watch for free on the Internet on Tekzilla's Website. Done by Tekzilla. They don't want me to pay.

You, downloading a copy of Final Fantasy XIII free from the Internet though. That's something you should pay for. Not get for free.

Actually, it's technically not lawfully correct for you to take a screen cap even from a free video without asking permission first.  If SE wished they could sue you and force you to remove it.

Don't see why they'd bother, but they could.